List of Herbal Plants and there benefits

1. Aloe Vera Can heal wounds and soothe skin Acts as moisturizer Treats Acne Has vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids and salicylic acid that are generally good for health. Soothes Periodontal disease Aids in digestion 2. Camomile Helps in sleeplessness and anxiety Relieves gastrointestinal conditions such as […]

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What did American cattlemen use to fence cattle before the invention of barbed wire?

What did American cattlemen use to fence cattle before the invention of barbed wire? by Tom Eisenman

Answer by Tom Eisenman:

Nothing. Before the invention of barbed wire it was too expensive to fence cattle in the American west. If you haven’t visited the region you might not realize how vast the region is. It is also dry so it takes a lot of land to raise cattle on the relatively sparse grass. At this time the range was open, unfenced and not owned by anyone.

Cattle are herd animals. They naturally stick together in a group. The cowboys would move them to new grass by following them on horseback. When the herd tended to go in a direction that wasn’t where the cowboys wanted them they’d ride ahead and turn the herd. When the cattle were mature they would drive them to a town with stockyards and sell them.

What did American cattlemen use to fence cattle before the invention of barbed wire?

Advantages of EZ Hinge Farm Gate

Looking for a easy way to hang  farm gates ?


  • Save  Time– It only takes 10 minutes to hang a farm gate.
  • Save Money-When compared to hiring a welder for about $50 per hour, not too mention  the cost of drill bits needed for the project. For the cost of our  hinges it will run  $30 for one pair and that is our most expensive.
  • No Special Skills or Tools  needed– Do it yourself.  EZ Hinge Farm Gate installs with a 9 /16″  end wrench or socket and a crescent wrench.
  • Portable–  Installs in the most remote areas where you could never get a welder or generator.   EZ Hinge Farm Gate can be taken with you anywhere you to. Need to setup a portable corral no problem.
  • Reusable – If your fencing needs to be changed, remove EZ Hinge Farm Gate and reuse them at a new location.
  • Hired Welder Issues-  Liability, scheduling, hiring problems, delays, and quality issues are all the possibilities of contractor.
  • No Delays–  Due to burn bans or field conditions that do not allow a welder to be used.  If you are waiting on a welder for any reason your fence construction is delayed.
  • Comes in 4 different sizes – 2″ 2 1/2 ” 3″ and 3 1/2″  O.D  (outside diameter)



Digital Camera

Digital Camera

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Prevent Newcastle Disease In Your Poultry Flock.

By Nan Smith | 12 April 2017 Good management includes reasonably strict hygiene practices in poultry houses. The robust virus that causes Newcastle disease can survive for up to 12 months in a chicken house if hygiene procedures are sloppy.: Newcastle disease (NCD) is feared world-wide for its ability to cause huge losses in poultry businesses, right from […]


Do Consumers Really Understand Agriculture

I challenge you to talk to somebody about agriculture today. Learn what they believe about the foods they are eating. Take the opportunity that is right in front of you to educate somebody about the safe, healthy, and wholesome foods that farmers and ranchers across the nation are providing for our populous. If we want farms and ranches to continue to thrive, we need to spread a positive rhetoric about the industry we are passionate about.

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